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Your very own Community Chest: Advantages of a Community Bank

Did you know that there is more Monopoly money printed every year than actual cash? If only we could pay for things using Monopoly money! Unfortunately, we can’t just pass Go for another $200 and there is no such thing as Community Chest. Or is there? While your community bank isn’t going to give you $10 for winning 2nd prize in a beauty contest, there are some definite advantages to banking with a local, community bank. Here are some advantages you can expect to see when you bank with a community bank:

Advantage: The same full-service support you’d expect from a big bank, online and off

Yes, community banks are smaller, but don’t let that lead you to believe that they are not equipped to meet your needs. Often, smaller can be better! With strong ties to the local community, community banks are willing to go the extra mile to support the people of that community in terms of loans and other banking products and services. When you’re dealing with corporate banks, decisions travel through several layers before you get your answer. Creating a personal, face-to-face relationship with your banker can have a real impact on your total experience.

Digital banking services have made life a whole lot easier for consumers and it’s not just the customers of the big banks that can benefit. Despite their smaller size, most community banks, including Falcon, provide the same digital, online and mobile banking services as the larger banks, like online bill pay, mobile deposits, and fraud alerts.

Advantage: Stellar Customer Service

The spirit of a community bank is just that: community. We are your bankers, family, friends and trusted advisors. Just like calling up a friend or family member when you have a question or need advice, your local community banker values this same relationship. Call it customer service or a valued relationship, you’re more than an account number to us. Community banks operate within the perspective of what’s best for their local community. Rates, policies, and product, it’s all aligned with the needs of the customer and the community on a holistic level.

Advantage: Putting your money to work for your community

Because local banks are so ingrained in their communities, it’s important, on a fundamental level, for those banks to give back and support their community. Falcon National Bank and our employees make it our mission to donate our time, talent, and treasure to the local communities we call home. So, maybe one of the real advantages of a local bank is that they can in fact, become your very own “Community Chest.”

If you see us out and about, ask us about the definite advantages to banking with a local, community bank and banking with Falcon National Bank.