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We offer a wide range of Commercial Loan Services to help your company meet its credit needs. Our local decision-making and Preferred Lender Status helps us make decisions fast... "Falcon Fast"!


HSA Resources

Falcon offers HSAs nationwide with thousands of accounts and hundreds of employer groups. Learn more about how our HSA solution works for employer groups and individuals. 1-866-757-4727
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John Herges


When our communities are strong, it creates an amazing ripple effect throughout the lives of the people who live there. Strong communities provide local businesses with a richer foundation to deepen their roots and grow. They also give local citizens a more vibrant environment to work, play, thrive and dream together. Falcon National Bank and our employees make it our mission to donate our time, talent and treasure to the local communities we call home.  

John Herges

Check out John's monthly radio show on KNSI!

Business Profile with Falcon National Bank

KNSI Radio presents a "Business Profile" with Falcon National Bank.  The show airs the second Wednesday of each month during Ox in the Afternoon at 4:35. John Herges, CEO of Falcon National Bank will join Dan "The Ox" Ochsner to present the "Business Profile"



2015 Annual Report

We are honored to highlight some customer stories that are testaments to how we continue to do business. It is relationships like these that we work hard to foster each and every day...
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