Online banking

Online Banking

What our customers are saying:
I own Batteries + Bulbs in St. Cloud, MN and Sauk Rapids, MN. My relationship with Falcon National Bank is excellent. It’s interpersonal really. It started maybe as a business of trying to go for a loan, but it turned out to be really a friendship. They are very helpful, and they know my pain points, they know my needs, they know the audience they’re talking to with me and they try to satisfy everything I can accomplish in my business. I am now my true owner of my own business. They’ve made this vision come true for me to be a business owner in a great community. I would recommend Falcon National Bank to all business owners. They are responsive, they are engaging, they want to hear your side of the story and they will come up with the results needed to make you a successful business owner.

- Bernie Perryman

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