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Arbor Hair Studio & Audio Video Extremes

I would 100% recommend anyone to go to Falcon for any small business help, loan, anything. They have been fantastic and the trust, communication and loyalty that we have with them and their team, has been awesome...

The most important thing when it comes to business banking and the relationship, is the communication and trust. We ultimately found a bank that we can really be real and honest with and have received true, honest feedback.

Falcon National Bank has helped me grow the seed that I have planted.

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- Michelle Meier, Arbor Hair Studio

What the Falcon team has done specifically to help me and my business succeed is they allow me to do what we do best. It allows us to take care of our customers, servicing in audio video and smart home tech and remote starts. We do what we're good at and they do what they're good at.If I ever have an issue with anything that's going on with banking, I can call somebody and I can rest assure that it is taken care of. The same customer service that I try to give our customers.

Switching from our other bank to Falcon was an easy process. They walked me through everything that I needed. They never made me feel like I didn't know what I was doing... They coached me through every step of the way... 

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- Jodi Erkens, Audio Video Extremes