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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my current checks still be valid?

Yes. You can use your current checks until they are gone. When you reorder checks, you will receive the Falcon National Bank branded checks.

Debit/ATM Card

Will my current Debit/ATM card still work?

Yes your current card will work until June 25th. During the week of June 11th, watch for your new Falcon National Bank MasterCard Debit/ATM card to arrive in the mail. You may activate your card by calling the number listed on the label affixed to the front of the card. At this time you will also select your PIN. Although the card can be activated, it will not be operational until June 25th.

IMPORTANT: Use your current Debit/ATM card through June 24th. Starting June 25th begin to use your new Debit/ATM card.

Do I need to update my auto payments through my debit cards?

Yes. If you have auto payments attached to your current debit card, you will need to change these payments to draw from your new debit card starting June 25th.

Will ATMs accept deposits?


Will ATMs continue to be part of the MoneyPass network?


Credit Card

Will my credit card still work?

Yes. Your credit card will continue to work. You will not receive a new credit card until the card you currently have expires

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Will the terms of my CD change?



Will my Loan coupon book continue to work?


Will my overdraft protection stay the same?


Will the interest rate, term, and conditions change on my loan?

Fixed and variable rate loans, and lines of credit will continue under the same interest rates, terms and conditions originally agreed upon. If there are any changes to your loans or line of credit accounts, this will be explained in a separate communication.

Should I direct my loan payment somewhere else?

Continue to make payments in the normal manner until you receive new instructions. If your loan payments are automatically deducted from your checking account, this service will continue without interruption.

Account Numbers

Will my account number and/or routing number change?

No. Your account number and routing numbers will remain the same.

Do I need to update my direct deposit information?

No. This information will remain the same because account numbers and routing numbers are not changing.

Will my Wire instructions change?

Yes. The routing number used for wires will change to the Falcon National Bank routing number.

Online Banking

Will my online banking change?

Yes. Online banking will be new and improved! Additional instruction regarding logging into the new system will be provided closer to June 25th. Look back to the resource center for more information.

Bill Pay

Will my bill pay change?

The State Bank of Richmond customers will not experience any changes to bill pay. It will be the same system accessed today. All other locations will have a brand new bill pay system!  All users will use their existing Online Banking to access the Bill Pay system.  Please refer to the ONLINE BANKING section above for further information. 


Payee Information will be retained as long as the city, state, and zip code of the payee is correct in the current system. It is important to review this information within your current system for accuracy prior to June 22nd. Phone numbers: If your phone number or any of your payee phone numbers are blank in the current system, the phone number will appear in the new system as 18005551212. Please verify your current phone number and payee phone numbers are accurate.

Payee history:

Will not transfer to the new system. If you have payee history you would like to keep, please print the history from your current online bill pay system prior to June 22nd.

Scheduled payments:

Users can create bill payments until 12:00pm on June 22nd. After this time, Bill Pay will be available for inquiry only. On June 25th the new bill pay system will be available

Remote Deposit/Cash Management

What will I need to do to prepare for the new Remote Deposit and/or Cash Management?

The new Remote Deposit/Cash Management systems are intuitive and provide for an improved user experience. Action on your part will be required to prepare for the new system.


A new driver will be required to be installed on or after June 25th.

Security Tokens:

We will be switching from hard security tokens to a new soft token. Soft tokens are not much different than a hard token. Instead of having a physical hard token that you plug into a usb port, you will have an RSA app on your desktop. This RSA app will produce a soft token or passcode. To receive your soft token, enter your 8-digit “pin” in this RSA app and an 8 digit soft token will be produced. The RSA app will have a copy button feature where you can copy your soft token and paste it into the authentication window for authorization.


Your current scanner does not have to be replaced. All scanners are compatible with the new system.

Additional Support: We will be providing cheat sheets to all current users via mail. In addition to the cheat sheets, WebEx sessions will be scheduled the week of June 25th to assist with installing the driver, learning more about the soft token, and navigating the system. Continue to check the Resource Center for more information.

Telephone Banking

Will telephone banking change?

Yes. A new telephone banking phone number will be provided to all locations. Upon accessing the telephone banking system, you will be prompted to enter either your full SSN or full EIN. Your initial PIN will be the last 4 digits of your SSN or last 4 digits of your EIN. You will be prompted to create a new PIN.


Will my statements remain the same?

The look and feel of the statements is changing. All Falcon National Bank, Community Pride Bank, and State Bank of Richmond checking and savings accounts will have a statement prepared on the night of June 22nd. For most customers, this will be a partial month's statement. After conversion (June 25th), your next statement date will be as close to your current statement date as possible. Due to partial statements, we will waive all service charges for two statement cycles. Beginning with your third statement cycle, standard charges will occur. 

Do I need to do anything to continue receiving E-Statements?

YES!  You must log into online banking and re-enroll in E-Statements.


Is the ownership of my bank changing?

No. All three banks are under common local ownership by the holding company Centra Ventures, Inc.  Falcon National Bank has been a part of Centra Ventures Inc, since its inception in 2003.  The State Bank of Richmond was acquired by the holding company in December, 2012 followed by Community Pride Bank in March, 2015. The banks were purchased due to the high standards of customer service offered, the caliber of employees, their financial soundness, and the amount of community involvement. All banks are strong partners, and together we will be even stronger

Will the bank staff remain the same?

Yes. The branches will continue to have the same friendly faces you have come to know and look forward to seeing!