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As a business owner, you know how valuable your time is, and so do we! Our online banking suite offers many convenient solutions to help you access and manage your finances, whenever, and wherever your business takes you. Whether it is the need for basics, like online banking, and bill pay, or for enhanced financial management tools like Cash Management, Merchant Source Capture, and Positive Pay, we have the solutions you need to keep things moving! 

Online Banking

Take your accounts online and have 24/7 access to your funds with Online Banking. It will help you save time and enhance the way you oversee your finances by:

  • Giving you a real-time view of your account balances
  • Making transfers across accounts simple
  • Setting up alerts for low balances, cleared checks and more
  • Paying Bills, viewing checks, and transaction details at the touch of a button
  • Integrating with our Cash Management, Positive Pay and Merchant Source Capture tools

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Cash Management

Optimize your cashflow! Your business depends on effective cash flow management. Streamlining incoming and outgoing payments with our ACH service will help to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly and help keep your business moving forward. Cash Management gives you the power to:

  • Direct deposit employee paychecks
  • Digitally pay dividends to investors
  • Pay vendors electronically
  • Collect payments (fees, dues, donations, etc.)

The result is more efficient payment processes, improved cash flow and happier employees and customers. 

Additional fees may apply. Connect with a banker for details. 

Merchant Source Capture

Hello Cash Flow. Goodbye Bank Trips! Making deposits is quick and easy with our Merchant Source Capture service. All you need is our check scanner and a computer with high-speed internet connection to quickly scan and electronically deposit your checks into your business account. With our Merchant Source Capture service:

  • You're provided with quicker cash flow
  • There are no deposit tickets to fill out and no lines to wait in
  • Images of your checks are stored digitally for easy search and retrieval
  • Returned or fraudulent checks can be identified sooner
  • You and your staff can focus your time on more important things

You reap the benefits of eliminating costly trips to the bank, improving cash flow and speeding up your workflow.